NetCOLOR is a network of Canadian experts and end-users in the field of aquatic colour remote sensing. Established in 2014 through funding from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), NetCOLOR is supported by MEOPAR through Community of Practice (CoP's) since 2019. Its main purpose is to provide a means for researchers and other people working in the field of aquatic remote sensing to create an efficient and united centre of expertise through the development of a national strategy for research, training and dissemination of water colour products.The specific objectives of the network are to :

  • Conduct a review of the status of various current and future international ocean colour missions with a view to assessing the availability of data relevant for the requirements of Canadian scientists;
  • Identify the opportunities for Canadian contribution to space missions and the development of technologies for the use of ocean colour data, thereby providing inputs into the CSA Space Utilization RoadMap;
  • Establish a national strategy to update Canadian user needs;
  • Identify Canadian technological capacity;
  • Identify the national priority for research in the field of remote sensing of ocean colour; and
  • Improve the synergy within the academic, private and government sectors by creating an active network of Canadian ocean colour experts to engage in multi-institutional research projects.

In accordance with the Oceans Act, NetCOLOR will assist in reaffirming Canada's role as a world leader in ocean and marine resource management and help to promote understanding of the oceans, marine ecosystems and aquatic processes while fostering the sustainable development of oceans and their resources.

NetCOLOR will improve the synergy among government and university aquatic remote sensing (AOR) scientists. The concerted efforts will provide input in the planning of future AOR missions and consolidate the data available in a format that can be readily exploited by end-users for diverse applications in our everyday lives such as fisheries, aquaculture, marine ecosystem research, freshwater quality and climate change modelling. It is anticipated that the cooperation between Canadian laboratories will lead to further research projects using satellite AOR radiometry and reinforce Canada's position at the forefront of AOR research.

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